Ambient Chill Solfeggio 396Hz – Liberation From Guilt

This is based around the solfeggio frequency of 396Hz for liberating you from guilt and fear.

Feeling guilty for not uploading anything for a while, so I finished this track and made a quick video. I think it’s liberated my guilt anyway.

It’s still a demo as the final version will have a better mix and maybe some adjustments with the arrangement.

But I can’t keep art from the world for the sake of making it sound perfect.

The video is made with some beautiful footage I have downloaded from a stock footage site. Lots of lovely timelapses and aerial shots.

I hope it takes you on a journey. The end of the video is a bit different. Wasn’t sure it fitted the theme of what I’m trying to portray, but it’s in there now.

Feedback please 🙂

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