Cosmic Octave by Hans Cousto

Just had an email from a Sonic Harmonics user mentioning the Cosmic Octave devised by musicologist Hans Cousto.

I found this table with the different frequencies and will be exploring these as the basis for future brainwave audios

   effects (keywords)
Earth-day 194.18 dynamic, vitalizing
Earth-year 136.10 relaxing, soothing, balancing
Platonic Year 172.06 cheerfulness, clarity of spirit
Moon (synodic) 210.42 erotic communication, sexual energy
Sun 126.22 feeling of centering and magic
Mercury 141.27 intellectual communication
Venus 221.23 higher love energy, aspiration for harmony
Mars 144.72 strenght of will and fucused energy
Jupiter 183.58 creative power and continous construction
Saturn 147.85 concentration, becoming conscious
Uranus 207.36 power of surprise and renewal
Neptun 211.44 intuition, dream experience
Pluto 140.25 magic group dynamic

Heres a link to the info on the planetware site and also a really detailed PDF download about tuning forks I’ll be checking out later

Also found this video for the Cosmic Octave Orchestra.. this is some deep trancy electronica that has been retuned to Saturns solar orbit. Amazing

“The concert is tuned to the mathematical principles of the Cosmic Octave according to musicologist Hans Cousto. The tonic of “Cassinidrive” is the octave-analogue tone of the planet Saturn’s solar orbit:
D = 147.85 Hz | 138,6 bpm.



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