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Please leave your feedback and comments below on how Sonic Harmonics have helped you.

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  1. Your audio was very good and left me feeling relaxed. After nights of very poor sleep I had one of the best nights sleep I have had in along while. Thank you

  2. This is a very powerful audio. I listened to it in bed, and it was extremely relaxing and calming. On the second listen, after about 20 minutes of listening, I was fast asleep. Thank you for making it available.

  3. Hi David, thanks for the audio download.
    Here my experience of last night (second night I hear the audio on meditation before going to sleep.):
    1-during the first 15-25 minutes igot to a deep relaxation of my body while my thougts were pleasent ones added with a vision of a creek.
    2-After the above I started to “feel” an energy flow over my skin , and an inner self conection started as well.
    3- Following igot into a deep sleep but with some dreams i can`t remember exactly, any way they were GOOD ones as I felt very relaxed and “fresh” this morning.
    I recommend this video to those who want a deep relaxation , and peacefull sleeping.
    I will keep on using it and give you some more feedback.
    Warm regards from COLOMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great product! I used it on my iPod last night and it’s very soothing. I went right to sleep and woke refreshed. Thank you, David!

  5. David, thank you for your wonderful work here. i love the ‘download’. i only wish i could really download it from my computer, which i don’t like leaving on all night. but listening to it has definitely brought me to a very relaxed state.

    1. Hi Indigo :-),
      download that files should be easey with the help of the “Orbit” Downloader (for free)
      Then you may burn an Audio CD – – – or whatever.

  6. Thank you. I liked the soundtrack (apart from it’s effect). It seemed as though the audio was having the same effect as the brainwave CDs I have listened to with headphones, but I needed to be fairly close to the source. I do not normally have problems sleeping. I use these things for meditation, and it was helpful with that. I did like it very much. Send more if you like.

  7. Thanks Dave for this – i enjoyed the effect very much, while it did not make me feel sleepy, it gave me a wonderful feeling of relaxation and my mind opened up and I was able to feel wonderfully peaceful and relaxed – felt very healing, thanks Luv JEREMY

  8. I enjoyed it.Sometimes though that high tone vibrates too much for me.I would also like to hear more of the music and a quieter water flow.I look forward to your next one.Thank You

  9. Dear David, I have used the Sleep Aid Delta 2 once so far and it did the trick! I put in on my iPod and used it on my docking station alarm clock when I went to bed and I fell asleep probably about 20 mins in. I now feel relieved that there is something to help me when my sleep pattern has gone back to front. Thank you!!!
    Estelle x

  10. G’day there David,
    thankyou for sending this soundtrack,
    I must say that I am using it for meditation rather than for
    sleep, and I particularly like the generous length of it, I’ve
    only used it a couple of times so far, but have found it
    very effective, first time I found the water flow a little loud,
    and the next, I listened at a lower volume and found it
    better,perhaps I would be better off using something
    designed specifically for meditation. I will send you
    another impression after I’ve given this one more use.
    Thanx again David

  11. Hi there. I have used your meditation music for about 30-40 minutes while lying in my bed. The music is nice and soothing and the watery sound is a good addition for painting the inner landscape. It gives the image of nature in my minds eye.

    Physiological symptoms include loss of sensory input (I didn’t feel my hands anymore), internal pressure on my face especially on my nose, tingling and vibrational sensations in the top left brain, experiencing hypnagogia, deep relaxation, internal dialog.

    Can you post what frequencies you used? I mean I understand that you used delta frequency (0-4 Hz) but did you use a constant one like 3 Hz or 4 Hz or they vary across the sounds? Did you use only delta frequency or also theta ones? Please if you can give more details.

    Thanks for making this sound available for free. Sorry for the late reply. Have a good day.

  12. David,

    Thank you for your free download. I almost always have trouble sleeping. I don’t like going to bed, and I can never get my brain to shut down. I have started trying to use delta wave sleep music to help me. I have used your audio twice now. I started the music after laying down to sleep. The first time I tried it, I had a very different reaction. I felt like my body was sleeping even though I was still awake. I woke up once in the night and still felt the same way. It was like I was supposed to be sleeping, but there was still a thread of consciousness. It was a very uncomfortable feeling and kind of hurt. The next morning, a bit of the same feeling was there – like I wasn’t supposed to be awake, and my body wasn’t, but once I sat up I was able to quickly shake it off. I tried the audio again last night, but we just played it on our MP3 player’s built-in speakers, which are not the best quality, and it didn’t have the same effect; it was just soothing.

    As for the audio content itself, it sounds very nice when it first starts, but I find that I quickly lose the birds and the music, and am left only really being aware of the water and the beats. I prefer sleep systems that blend the sounds together instead of laying them one on top of another. I also prefer to have the music itself kind of pulse like waves that wash over you, rather than be a discernible tune. You can search for Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Delta Sleep System on YouTube to see what I mean.

    Thank you again for your powerful sleep aid. It will remain on my nighttime playlist. I hope to receive your next audio soon!

  13. Hi David, – I just downloadet all your YouTube Videos and the one I alredy listened, I like.
    My own Background ist kind of Energie- or Quantum healing, witch shall be helpful (somehow, someday) – – – the Beeing itSelf. 🙂
    You do so alreddy with your Compositiones. Big “Thank You”
    >>We all – is One<<

  14. Joey van Hummel

    Sadly, my first experience was not good. The music caused me nightmares of a level I haven’t ever experienced before. When i woke up, I felt numb and ‘possessed’. Could I have done something wrong?

  15. Thank you David, for the download. I am using it for meditating and find that it causes me to go into a deep trance. Sending energy your way for whatever you need it for… sandrabeing

  16. Dear David,
    Thank you so much for this, it has been a wonderful, natural remedy to a sleep disorder I’ve struggled with and pumped goodness knows how many chemicals into my system to try and remedy.
    The tones are silky smooth, whereas some binaural beats have left me feeling a little nauseous for some reason — which is somewhat counterproductive.
    The effect has been a gradual slide into sleep, or a slightly delayed sleep reaction as I pass through different ‘spaces.’ I’ve also used the isochronic tone sample I downloaded as part of my meditative practices, where sleep is not the objective.
    Thank you, David.

    PS: No word of a lie, when you first emailed me about this follow up, I was right in the middle of a session with your tonal creation! Weird…!!

  17. Hi!

    I slept like a baby with this meditation, woke up around six o clock in the morning wery much alerted. It seems to work very well! Tnx for sharing!

  18. OMG, this is the best recording I’ve ever listened to, in order to get to sleep. I have tried plenty. I was on a roll, and wanted everyone to try it, but now, I don’t think one should use it unless he/she really needs to. I recommended it to my husband, who has the opposite problem of me and can’t stay awake, and I couldn’t get him up the following morning until 10 a.m. (he normally gets up at 6 a.m.). The results were so good for me, though, that I posted your recording on my Facebook page and am catching the attention of some insomniacs.

  19. I really like it. And I really like some of the other pieces that I saw on Youtube. The problem with some of the earlier similar works like this that have used frequencies or binaural beats or whatever is that the music that went with it was not compatible with relaxation. “Cornball” would be a better description of it. One piece that I remember went through this cheesy chord progression ending with a dominant 7. It was just so hokey. Every time it came back around to the dom 7th I just cringed. But yours is wonderful. It flows and does not spike or disrupt me anywhere. I will have to experiment with this piece a little more to really know more about the effects of it. I appreciate you. Thanks

  20. Dear David,
    Thank you very much for sharing this with everyone!
    A friend of mine introduced me your website and really it is an amazingly smooth and relaxing sound and the more i listen to it the deeper i go into my inner beeing. I have tried during sleeping and during meditation. Althought i am in a different mood every time, i always have a deep feeling of pleasure.

  21. Dear David,

    What a wonderful combination of tones and tune with seashore!
    Truly relaxing and enjoyable!

    I much preferred this to SEROTONIN.mp3 (which was from an affiliate, anyway…)
    Thank-you for sharing your work.

    ~ D.

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