Maia Morning Meditation – Singing Bowl, Flute, Steel Tongue and Vocals

Maia-Earth-VillageRecently I visited Maia Earth Village on Palawan island, in the Philippines. What led me here was a synchronistic series of events where I had no idea I would end up living 'off grid' for a few days living on just coconuts and fruit. (It's not as difficult as it sounds!)

Even more unexpected was the fact there was a gathering of people from across the world 'converging' at Maia to discuss how to create successful sustainable living practices through various disciplines.

The event was called the Emergence Convergence, a bringing together of organisations and initiatives focused on sustainability, transformative medicine, disaster relief and personal transformation through something called Inner Dance.

We'll cover more about Inner Dance in another blog post, but it's very powerful transformational tool, developed by Pi Villaraza the co-founder of Maia and Bahay Kalipay a yoga and detox retreat based on Palawan.

It was amazing to see the event unfold, in the beautiful surroundings of Maia, completely facilitated without running water and powered only by solar electricity.

Emergence Convergence 2016 - Special thanks to El Kalinado for the photo -

Sadly I had to leave mid way through the event. Thankfully I managed to capture a sound meditation that morning with a group of amazing people on the hill tops overlooking the earth village.

We sat meditating for almost an hour as the sun rose, with spontaneous music from singing bowl, flute, steel tongue and improvised vocals all being created in the flow of the morning mist.

Find a comfortable spot and make sure you listen all the way through, the vocal harmonies are truly mesmerising. Also ignore any sneezes and coughs, this was the early morning after all 🙂


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  1. Thank you for sharing David. I am appreciating this offering very much. I am sure I will have more to say about it later. Perhaps you would like to hear my husband’s offerings on especially his 2 nyabinghi albums which are rastafari chanting and drumming which is heartbeat and healing with conscious lyrics in english. If you are ever in Jamaica you can stay with us. There will be a large nyabinghi on July 23rd commemorating the birth of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I.

    1. Thank you Jasazil for the music. My friend told about Nyabinghi music, but I’ve never really heard some so I will take a listen and definitely be in touch if I’m ever in Jamaica!

    1. Please try again Jeanne, it’s quite a large file so may be taking a while to download. You can always play the YouTube video to have a listen.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! Thank You! Had a lovely deep meditation and the flute like music woke me up properly at the end! At one point felt was a tall tree that could see from on hgh and saw other trees and a mountain, feeling insects and a monkey crawling up my branches and leaves, and felt connections to other trees through my roots

  3. Thank you for sharing it to me.Actually I also studied almost all ethnic instruments.I am from the Philippines so I know where Maia is,its a nice and peaceful place,it is very near to the nature.

  4. Hello ,David. I am amazed that someone shares this beautiful music for free!. Thank you very much for you kindness!. I have searched for this kind of music for a long time. Good luck on you searching and travelling! Astrid Neeme

  5. Hello David. God bless you for sharing this with us. It one of the most mesmerising sounds I’ve heard in a long time. Thank you for the download. Thanks for your kindness.

  6. Kathleen Griffin

    Dear David,
    This is very beautiful and calming.
    Maia appears to be a lovely, enchanting existence. I can understand why you return.
    If the world could be so pure as this Maia.
    I listened to this music of body, mind and soul, as I was being healed.
    There are not words known to man, to explain and share my experience.
    Thank you for your generosity, kindness and love.

  7. As I listened to this meditation music you were able to record, a story unfolded in my mind.
    I knew I wouldn’t remember the sequence so I started to write it down as it unfolded. I lost it a few times because of writing so I just stopped and got back into listening more until the story started again in my mind.
    Was hoping it was a message of my own subconscious, but thinking it was her story she was telling with her music.
    Very vivid visions!! Great experience.
    Thanks for sharing!


    Tina S.

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