Moon Lit Ocean ~ Alpha Meditation Brainwave Audio For Visualisation And Manifestation

Picture a moon lit beach. The air is warm and fresh after a brief tropical rainfall. Palm trees gently sway as temperate tropical wind brushes through their leaves. Waves gently lap against the shore and moonlight reflects across the ocean creating a scene of immense calm.

You close your eyes and imagine a chorus of voices descending over the sea. Soft piano plays in and out of the gently rolling tide and in the distance a tropical bird calls out.

This is the scene captured for you in the latest creation I’ve added to the members site.

Members can download it here

It has Alpha Wave Modulation for a deeper meditation and can be used for manifestation and visualisation to reach your goals.

1 thought on “Moon Lit Ocean ~ Alpha Meditation Brainwave Audio For Visualisation And Manifestation”


    Amazing! I really needed to listen to this today. I live in Norway and its very cold right now 😮 But next friday my son and me are leaving for Spain this christmas. Many years since my last vacation so i really look forward to it. Mmmmmm….and this music took me there now, so thank you so much- i am allready on the beach with my toes in the sand!

    Marry christmas to you here at Sonic Harmonics, I’m thankful for that you crossed my path today 🙂 <3

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