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I thought it would be good to properly introduce myself just so you can get to know me better.

I hate to get emails from people I don’t know, so hopefully this page will help you get to know me and in turn I can get to know you as well 🙂

There’s lot of bad info online, even when it comes to what should be a simple thing like relaxation.

You need to be able to trust the sources you’re getting your tips from and be sure the person sending them isn’t out to just try and make a quick buck with some shoddy course or poor quality meditation audio…

I’ve often downloaded relaxation music and audios to help me meditate and found it just wasn’t all that helpful.

(Sometimes it would leave me more stressed than when I began which is the opposite of what I really wanted!)

And then after I downloaded I would be bombarded by emails from someone I can barely remember… and when I go back and check it’s the same person who sent me the same crappy audio.

I guess it figures…

But I don’t want this to happen to you

So you can at least put a face to my emails… And I do like to send out emails, to let you know wants going on from time to time

Anyway… I been into music for a long time. I even went on to study a degree music production and found my strengths were in the technical side… you know like plugging stuff in 😀

In the old studio 2006… to say I’m following my passions I look pretty moody there 🙂

Seriously though, I found I was pretty good with the music engineering and progressed into a path as recording studio engineer.

I also liked to get creative with electronic sounds and samples and experimented when I wasn’t recording music or sleeping under the studio desk

Things went well for a while and I was working with some great people building a label and running a small studio.

But like many things in the music business… things just didn’t work out..

It happens… and the studio shut down, the label fell apart and I was broke, outta work and pretty stressed out.

So I turned to the Internet to try and find a way to get some balance back in my life.

Soon I began visiting meditation sites and listening to relaxation music.. and it began to help me relax.

I think having a break from the studio life also helped… and made me realise where I had been going wrong with my dreams… I mean I just wanted to record music and things had got kinda complicated

As I listened to more and more meditation and relaxation audios I began to discover brain technologies which used sound waves to help you relax even deeper

Being an audio engineer, I was naturally fascinated by this and set out to discover how it all worked.

I discovered the brain could be influenced by very low frequencies and depending on the frequency certain states of mind could be entered at will.

For example you could go into a deep meditative state literally minutes after beginning an audio session containing these frequencies… this was something which had previously taken years of practice.

I was amazed

This was something I had to experiment with myself and before long I was creating powerful relaxation audios.

I created audios for relaxation, for concentration, inspiration and meditation.

Any state of mind I wished to enter I just fired up my home studio and I was there literally within minutes.

I began to share these creations on the Internet and the reaction was pretty amazing.

Eventually I developed my own system of creating these audio’s which I called called Sonic Harmonics

People have written me messages from all over the world telling how these audios have helped them with their own lives, managing stress and helping them sleep better at night.

I’ve even had reports of people ditching their sleep medications after listening to the Sonic Harmonics sessions

It really is a fulfilling experience when you can do something you truly enjoy and see the results helping other people.

And using these audios myself has personally helped me improve the quality of my life

I’ve come to realise as that the music industry as a whole is pretty unhealthy place to be, both mentally and physically.. even spiritually.

And I’m glad I’ve found a path I can go along which lets me have a creative output and can help others improve the quality of their lives..

Everything is vibration… and it feels good

~ David

Please tell me about yourself below… whats your story? What do you want Sonic Harmonics to do for you?

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  1. Thank you, David. It`s wonderful to know you. I got to your site wanting to clear some old energy blockages. I meditate, and recently I`ve started to do Yoga. I have a sinus problem for years, and no conventional medicine has ever helped, so I`m trying something new now. Thank you for the chakra healing audio. I haven`t listened to it yet, but I`ll be on it as soon as I finish this message. No sleeping problems for me, except the sinuses that is making falling asleep a little difficult.
    As for my story, I found my inner calling just like you, after a period of being jaded and bored with my work. I work with offenders, people with miserable lives and literally in the dark. In 2010, I had the first glimpses of how to work with them and really help them. Ever since, it`s been a wonderful journey. And of course, I am still working with myself. That never ends.
    Thank you for your work.
    All my best,

  2. An Encouraging Word

    Hi David,

    I can really relate with your story, and so I pray for your success from my heart. I applaud your achievements thus far, and I hope some day to do as well. When I am not upside down with my income, I hope to purchase your audios.Your story inspired me. You communicate very well with the written word.

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