Mass Success Brainwave Collection

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This collection of premium binaural beat brainwave audios is designed to let you focus on one area to give you a super boost.

By using these audios you can get a powerful way to turn up the dial in any area of your life where you feel something is lacking

Creativity – enhance your creative powers or inspire new ones. This brainwave audio has been specially formulated to get your creative juices flowing. By tapping into the alpha brainwaves you will experience a heightened sense of connection with inner creative flow.

Alertness – if you ever get times when your feel you could do with a quick mental lift, but wish to avoid using caffeine, then this is for you. Our alertness audio has been created to target the beta brainwaves putting you in higher state of wakefulness.

Focus – put your mind into focus mode with this specially created beta binaural designed to increase your focus. Takes you into an attention focused brainwave state where you will get things done

Meditation – now is the time to gather your energy and rebalance. Enter a deep calming meditation with this highly effective meditation session. Using alpha and theta brainwaves you are sure to enter the deeper realms of your mind.

Relaxation – perfect for unwinding and relaxing. You don’t have to think about or do anything, just put on, lay back and let the blissful sounds wash over you as you become immersed in the subtle relaxing brainwave music.