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Experience The Sublime Harmonic Bliss Of Relaxation Sounds

Music Which Calms The Spirit,
Restores Balance And Promotes
Contentment & Well Being

Natural Harmonic Tuning At 432Hz Allows You To Instantly Become More Relaxed

Ideal for creating a chilled background ambience while you are meditating into a state of restful awareness

Perfect for you to use as relaxing background music during Reiki therapy and massage treatments

Calming Your Busy Lifestyle

  • Perfect for use as relaxing background music during Reiki therapy and massage treatments
  • Play softly as a background music to fall asleep at night
  • Play in the morning and help ease yourself into the day ahead
  • Ideal for creating a chilled background ambience while relaxing or reading
  • Use on long flights to escape from the stress of the journey
  • Play after a hectic workday, whilst having a bath (try with epsom salts and you will literally melt into your bathwater)
  • Calms the spirit, restores the daily balance of life and promotes contentment and well being

An Effortless Way To Deeper Relaxation In Minutes

Relaxation Sounds Collection

This collection of gentle soothing music melts away the stresses of the day, letting your mind drift to a far off place.

Each piece has been carefully crafted to gently envelop you within a oceanic flow of mystical and serene sounds.

The light bell like piano sounds drift in and out of circulating soundscapes and atmospheric washes.

All the pieces are created at 432 Hz allowing you a deeper richer harmonic listening experience.

There are also subtle brainwaves added to take you slowly down from your waking beta consciousness into deep Alpha and Theta where true relaxation of both body mind is possible.

Each Relaxation Sounds Audio session is at least 30 minutes taking you into a complete immersive experience.

The use of the 432Hz tuning ensures the music is soothing from start to finish.

Experience The
Relaxation Sounds Audio Collection

Exclusive to Sonic Harmonics, this new collection of unique Relaxation Sounds audios

Available for both instant download and online streaming you can listen any time and any where.


Soft bell like tones drift amongst circulating atmospheres slowly building into dreamlike piano sequences as a soft stream washes away your troubles.

This track was specially composed within a tranquil woodland location, isolated from the hustle and stress of the city life.

Length: 25 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  62Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile


Enigmatic, serene and mysterious with elements of suspense, this magical composition takes you to a far away place. 

Composed to sounds of rainfall the undulating tones gently wash in and out of the drifting soft piano melodies. 

Use this as relaxing background music during Reiki therapy and massage treatments.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  72Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Moon Lit Ocean

Gentle, enveloping and atmospheric this journey into relaxation was composed to allow you to reach states of deep serenity.

With embedded alpha and theta brainwaves you will be taken on a unique journey into the depths calming washed out bliss.

Ideal for it's calming and relaxing qualities.

Length: 30 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  72Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Water Healing

Like rain drops, the delicate piano falls around silky layers of flowing harmonic pads and light bells. The ocean sounds gently lap at the shore bringing a sense of calm healing to an already tranquil composition.

Slightly longer than the other compositions, Water Healing is 45 minutes of pure bliss, perfect for reiki and massage sessions or just meditative flow.

Length: 45 Mins | Format: MP3 | Quality: 320kbps | File size:  109Mb

For Laptop, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Customers Love Sonic Harmonics

"Doctors should be prescribing this, not pills"

jon-day-21I awoke the next day, after a full eight hours sleep – a pleasure I haven’t enjoyed since my teens (I’m 35 now), I felt refreshed and fully ready to face the challenges ahead... Doctors should be prescribing this, not pills

Jon Day
Tokyo/London, journalis

"she sleeps though the night, peacefully"

At the bay2.my 11-year old daughter who often has nightmares and is afraid to fall asleep in darkness.  She completely fell in love with the sound track. She has been falling asleep with the music playing on her iPod clock “sleep” mode for the past month or so and she sleeps though the night, peacefully.

United States

"refreshed, renewed and recharged from the inside out"

GeraldDelta Sleep Aid Isochronic worked so good that after using it for 1 month, I no longer even have to listen to it anymore because now I easily fall asleep every night. I sleep like a baby and the funny thing is I awake like an early bird before everyone else and get more work done during the day than anyone else I know. I really do feel refreshed, renewed and recharged from the inside out.

Gerald M.
United States

"sleeping more deeply, sleeping longer, and recalling dreams"

NikAfter a week of using the Sleep Aid I began remembering coherent sequences of dreams.  This has been very interesting to me.  I am sleeping more deeply, sleeping longer, and recalling dreams with some detail.  My next adventure will be to reach lucid dreaming.

Nik Nikkel
Denver, CO

Here’s what you get when you order
Relaxation Sounds audio collection today

You will experience the life enhancing 432Hz audio technology and can feel more creativity, clarity and well being in your life when you meditate to the Relaxation Sounds.

Through this unique audio meditation experience you will release emotional blockages and feel a surge of positive energy creating the changes you want right now


 Value $24.99

Water Healing

Water Healing

Value $24.99

Moon Lit Ocean

Moon Lit Ocean

Value $24.99



Value $24.99

Total Collection Value $99.96

Secure Order - No Monthly Fees - One Time Payment - Instant Download

You know this is the right moment to experience the powerful effects from Relaxation Sounds audios. You even have a full 60 day guarantee to experience the audios for yourself and begin to feel the effect of deep relaxation and meditation.

Hit the buy now button and download your special Relaxation Sounds audio package in the next 5 minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I sincerely believe you will enjoy this collection of beautiful relaxing music and I look forward to connecting inside the members area.

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~ David @ Sonic Harmonics

Dave Smile

Try Relaxation Sounds For 60 Days Risk Free

guarantee_17Finally you can experience Sonic Harmonics audio technologies at no risk and benefit from these brainwave activating audio sessions.

Use them to enhance creativity, experience deep relaxation and heighten your waking consciousness, increase your attitude towards abundance,your feelings of happiness and deepen connection with yourself and others.

If after using the Sonic Harmonics sessions you are still not experiencing the relaxation and healing meditations you desire you can ask for a full refund.

Even if you don’t like the natural relaxing ambience of the ocean waves or specially tuned 432Hz sounds simply let us know and you can have every penny back AND still keep the recordings and bonuses.

Our intent is for you to enjoy spending your time listening to them as much as we did in creating them, so you have an entire 60 days to try any Sonic Harmonics creations for yourself. Order today - see and feel the results for yourself - guaranteed.

Tuned To A~432Hz

All instruments are tuned to the original Pythagorean scale of A=432Hz, which being a less harsh sound than a standard A is more relaxing to listen to.

Supporters of planetary music have even found this scale is harmonically aligned to the natural order of the cosmos


Brainwave Types Included In These Sessions


8Hz - 12Hz

Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha Waves are associated with light meditation. Your brain goes into this state when you are day dreaming. Alpha also becomes more predominant when you close your eyes and relax your mind.

This is a perfect state to be in for relaxation, learning and creativity


4Hz - 8Hz


Theta Waves are associated with deep meditation. Theta occurs during heightened states of creativity and inspiration as you begin to process unconscious material.

A perfect state to be in for deep relaxation and dreamlike visions

DISCLAIMER: The results on this page are based on actual user feedback. We can not make any claims this will work for you as described. Everyone’s situation is different and you may have deeper emotional issues which require specialist attention before creativity and inner peace are experienced. None of the claims on this page should be taken as medical, emotional or financial advice. You are the creator of your destiny and are responsible for all decisions you make in connection with any of the information provided on this page. If you suffer from any medical condition then seek the advice of your doctor or practitioner before you use any brain wave audio.


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