Sonic Harmonics Brainwave Audio Survey

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  1. An effective noise canceller/masker, quick and 8hrs sustain sleep inducer.
    I used alot sleep mp3’s from white noise, rain, thunder, sea, jungle, binaural etc.
    I need to cancel noisy neighbour whole night, loud talking, walking, yelling, tv, slamming door, loud snorring etc. The most effective is the white noise mixed with consistant rain sound, but the loud saw rhythm neighbour snorring coming through and keep me awake, even set the white noise at max doesn’t help, since it become too loud and the snor still anoying, because there no low sleep inducing bass/hum sounds to mask the snor. The ideal sleep audio should have 3d/binaural sleep inducing and sustain masking outside noises, that is combination continous looped pinknoise with rainsounds and lowbass/hum synth sounds to mask the snorring!

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