What Are Isochronic Tones And How Do They Benefit You?

Isochronic tones are a way to relax your mind. A way for you to enter deeper states of meditation and enter the realms of your subconcious. To cleanse your mind, your body and your soul.

For thousands of years people have been using different methods of entrainment to go into deeper trance like states. The use of tribal drumming. The sound of the oceans or a waterfall. Using nature to restore their natural balance.

All these methods have helped people enter various states of consciousness. Allowed them to transcend to higher states knowledge, and restore their energy levels through deep meditation.

People have been known to heal themselves through deep relaxation. All these states are possible through the power of entrainment and altering the brainwaves.

When the brainwaves are influenced by isochronic tones the mind can enter any state you choose.

The mystics and seers of old knew these secrets, yet it is only in the modern era of science have we been able to explain what really happens. Science has named the various brainwave states and each one is a level of consciousness waiting to be discovered.

When you are awake and alert you are known to be in the Beta state. This state often means you are highly focused and alert. Beta can help with learning and concentration. Yet often we find people with low levels of beta in their daily lives.

They are unfocused. They lose interest easily. Many children are diagnosed as suffering from ADD and increasing levels of beta brainwaves has been shown to help them. Improvement with attention and focus have followed sessions with beta isochronic entrainment therapy.

After Beta is the Alpha state. It is a lower brainwave state, often felt when you are relaxed. When creative we will experience alpha brainwaves. They are associated with lowering depression, increasing confidence and general feelings of pleasure.

Lower still is the Theta brainwave. You begin to enter an even higher creative state.

When meditating and entering a trance you begin to feel the effects of Theta. It is a hypnotic frame of mind and often called the twilight state.

Too much may lead to an unfocused mind and the tendency to daydream. This is why a balancing of the brainwaves using isochronic tones is often important.

Even lower we have the Delta brainwaves. They are the slowest of all and occur when when we are in a deep sleep. This is when the bodies own natural healing mechanisms begin to work. Our health is often affected if we do not get a good nights sleep.

If the mind cannot generate enough Delta activity then it will not be allowed to begin the restorative process essential for healing. Practicer’s of deep meditation often heal themselves with the power of thought alone. They are engaging the powers of the delta brainwave.

So how can you begin to experience these states of mind?

You may begin to practice meditation on a daily basis, yet it can often take years to master meditation to allow you to enter the deep states. People devote their lives to becoming masters of meditation.

There is an easier way. Through the use of iscochronic tones you can begin to enter these states of mind at the touch of a button.

With short isochronic brainwave entrainment sessions you can begin to enter deep states of meditation. Increase your mental focus and clarity. Become more creative and inspired. And best of all Isochronic tones do not need headphones.

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