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Download Healing Harmonics Ocean Meditation Pt1

This relaxing sound healing session was recorded late at night on a deserted beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand. You can enjoy Part 1 below, an exploration of the harmonic tones of the singing bowls interacting with the ocean waves.

This meditation was created to gently open your body to working on the energy centers of the body, known as the Chakras.

Recorded by the ocean at night It works with all 5 of the ancient Chinese elements, water, fire, earth, air and space (aether).

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FULL Ocean Meditation

The calming sound of the ocean can be like a natural sedative and is one of the most relaxing natural sounds you can enjoy. With the added tones of the healing bowls a deeply relaxing meditative experience is had by simply putting on in the background and letting yourself drift into the sounds.

This complete album will take you into a deeper relaxing sound healing experience. Become immersed in the healing harmonics as the ocean waves wash over you.

Full Duration: 54m19s
Value: $19.95

Primordial Om

There is a sound which has existed since before time itself, present in in all things, it permeates the universe on multiple layers. When you atune to it’s mighty vibration you become one with the cosmos itself. It is the sound of the Aum… or the mighty “OMMM”.

This recording of the sacred Aum being chanted was made in a special sound healing dome hidden in the jungles of Koh Phangan and can be used for a deep meditative experience.

Full Duration: 1h02m
Value: $19.95

Tibetan Soma Healing Meditation

Created by founder of Soma Breath, Niraj, this Tibetan Soma Healing Meditation will take you on a journey beyond your senses.

Included is an exclusive introductory video to Soma Breath Meditation which you can use to fully benefit from the sound healing session.

Once you begin to explore the power of Soma Breath you can use this to supercharge your mind, body & spirit and call In your true life’s purpose.

Full Duration: 28m
Value: $14.95

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