Discover The Deep Rich Resonant Tones Of The Ancient Healing Sounds

Singing bowls have been used since antiquity throughout Asia (especially in Tibet and Nepal) as an aid to meditation, healing and the path to enlightenment.

When I first discovered the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls I was in awe at the deep rich resonant tones they created.

As I learnt more about these enigmatic bowls and their ancient and mysterious legacy, my understanding of how sound affects our mind AND body took on a new level.

Hearing The Mysterious Bowls On The Beach
A sunset beach gathering in Koh Phangan

While living in Thailand I ended up on the mysterious island of Koh Phangan. One evening I heard the enchanting sounds of the Tibetan Singing bowls being played by a woman called Lifang at a sunset beach gathering.

As the other musicians began to pack and leave I sat and complimented Lifang on her playing. As we got talking I mentioned I would love to record the bowls and capture the beautiful tones they created.

Lifang was overjoyed. It turned out she was known for her work on the island as a sound healer and she would give people sessions using her bowls. People loved the sound they would make and would often ask if she had any recordings which had captured the healing sounds of the bowls.

She had been trying to record them with her phone to share with her clients and friends, but the sound was always thin and distorted. She desperately wanted to recreate the rich healing harmonic sound she was used to hearing when she played.

Chakra Balanced And Tuned To 432Hz

Lifang explained the origins of these bowls were unknown but she had carried the bowls herself from Nepal to Thailand. Each bowl was tuned to the scale of A ~ 432Hz and they were harmoniously balanced to each of the 7 chakras.

As I discovered more, I became increasingly excited to record these bowls as soon as we could. 

A Sound Healing Journey

You see I’m a meditation music producer and brainwave audio creator. For a long time I have been fascinated with how sound can deeply affect our consciousness.

In the years before travelling I had been using and creating my own sound therapy in the form of brainwave audios. I often shared my sessions online, with many people experiencing amazing results.

Exploring the natural acoustic sounds of the singing bowls was the next logical progression and it was as if by fate I heard them on the beach that day.

Since encountering the singing bowls I’ve travelled across the world discovering various other tools and techniques for tapping into the deeper layers of our consciousness. 

On this journey I’ve explored a number of energy healing practices including breathwork, yoga, chanting and qi gong. 

Along the way I’ve met numerous artists, sound healers, shamanic practitioners, yogis and mystics, including the mighty Wim Hof, who is himself a long time student of yoga and various other practices.

(I was even blessed enough to be invited to stay with Wim at his home and produce music to accompany his breath work sessions, which I’ll share more about in another blog post)

However it was this initial encounter in Thailand which set me on a true journey of exploration into sound healing.

I went deep into exploring the healing potential of the Tibetan singing Bowls with sound healer Lifang . We recorded a series of meditations based in the natural surroundings of the mysterious quartz crystal island of Koh Phangan.

Imagine Meditations Like These…

Lifang had always hoped for recordings which were

Vibrant and organic sounding and would take you deep into your meditations and trigger a natural healing response as though the healer was present doing a session.

Full of life and energy with subtle variations of each bowl captured as it was played to create a conscious relaxation experience for the listener.

As natural and close to the original sound as possible so you would be immersed in the listening experience as though a blissful calm has washed over you.

Captured the subtle energy of the ambient environment so the tones of the bowls would interweave with the backgrounds and create a unique natural listening experience without the need for extra layers or sounds.

You can download another clip from one of the sessions we recorded together below

You can also check out each of the full albums we recorded below