Live Shamanic Sound Healing

An exclusive hour long sound healing session Ricardo Cheroke performed for a select group at the Orion Healing Center in Thailand.

Many people experience emotional healing, awakening feelings of joy and bliss when participating in one of these sound healing sessions.

About The Artist

Ricardo Cheroke – Plant Medicine Maestro

Ricardo Cheroke was born in Cusco, Perú and is an ascendant from Native Quechua family from the countryside. Through the teachings he received he was motivated to travel through Peru over a period of 15 years. During this time he visited many native tribes in different regions.

His work started in Iquitos, and later he went to the province of Macas in Ecuador, where he received a profound training from Luis Alberto Catán Shinqui, Uwishint from the Amazonía, part of the Uwishint Cultural Etno Cience, Shuar nation.


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